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We give our clients the skills & strategies they need to begin trading the right way in this competitive market. Our strategies beat the odds where 90% of other traders fail.

Whether they are beginners or considered an experienced retail trader, our Forex and Crypto trading course will show our clients how to identify

good trading opportunities with low risk, to maximize their profits 24/7. Our course can be completed via zoom at your own pace.

Our courses are usually around 20h. We have a physical class in Sydney.
If you are not in Sydney we are running the class via Zoom.
You can book the courses at your pace anytime during the entire week or weekend. The courses are private between your coach and yourself. Group classes are available on request and discounts can be applied. 


Trading Floor
  • Crypto intro

  • Platform registration, Platforme overview. How to buy, transfer, and sell cryptocurrency, Buying coins on different exchanges and wallet.

  • How to select the best cryptocurrencies or stock for investing using fundamental analysis, How to set entry and exit points with technical analysis, Using and understand indicators.

  • How to do cryptocurrency asset allocation, How to manage a cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Diversify risk, Manage losing trades and adapt to market conditions, Make use of volatility.

  • How to Find new coins, How to get free coin? What strategy to apply?

  • Learn the best methods to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat currency at the right time .

  • How to stake? Where to? How long ?

  • Explaining leverage how to long and short the market, Replace manual trading with automatic trading and learn time base strategy.

  • What is Dollar-cost average ? When to do it?

  • Learn binary option.

  • Apply for loan with your crypto, Service and option you have with crypto.

  • What is mining ? How to mine?

  • What Is a Bear Market? What Is a Bull Market? how to identify it?

  • What Is Scalping Trading in Cryptocurrency?

  • And much more details about crypto & stock market.



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