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Crypto Merchant

Get Paid In Crypto


If you’re not offering your customers the ability to purchase your goods with crypto, you might be missing out on sales. Get ahead of the game, and reach a whole new market. We believe in crypto, and we’re on a mission to empower businesses like yours to take full advantage of it.

If your business accepts payments internationally, then you are limited to a few options. Also, most of such options are slow and also expensive. Bank payments can take a few days to be completed. But not with Crypto.

Don't know a thing about crypto?

We offer fully managed cryptocurrency investment, self-managed investment options, and everything in between.




Get your money fast.

Whether your customer wants to buy from you with Bitcoin, Ethereum or virtually any other digital currency,you’ll have your Crypto in your account within minutes.

Get your money fast.

Earn Interest


Additionally, you can earn (monthly) interest on your Bitcoin and other crypto by holding them in crypto interest accounts platforms. Crypto platforms give interest anywhere between 4 to 20% APY based on which cryptocurrency you put with them.

Low transaction fee

Most of the payment methods have huge transaction fees. For instance, PayPal’s fees can be over 4%. Also, there are many payment processors that have setup fees and include a flat fee per transaction in addition to a percentage of the transaction. However, there are lots of Crypto exchanges with fees under 1% per transaction. Also, if the payment happens peer to peer, there is no fee at all.

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